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Your One Stop Source to Have Your Personally Hunted Trophies Exported & Imported, Stress-Free


Who We Are & Our Advantage

The concept of 'serving' the hunter is the cornerstone on which I have built
this company. It is from this vantage point that the building of global symbiotic relationships continue to grow and thrive despite the test of time and worldwide changes in economic conditions.

My global team is made up of alliances with outfitters, taxidermists and shippers who focus on the ultimate hunter's experience of superior customer service. This continues with the handoff to my US team who navigates through the maze of government requirements, inspections and local logistics.

Our expertise 'is' our advantage that delivers operational excellence by uniting
everyone involved in the export and import supply chain, even before the hunt has taken place!

Let us equip you with knowledge before you leave for your adventure, or at any time during the process.  Contact us to learn more and you will understand why we do what we do!

Thank you for your trust & be Blessed!

Rosella Saraceni

What We Do

We specialize in the export and import of worldwide personally hunted trophies through any of the USFWS ports of entry. Our team will work with you to determine the best port of entry to use based on the details of your shipment and timing to avoid any possible port issues at the time of import.

We can clear your trophies at any of the USFWL ports of entry in the USA

Front End Process
On behalf of the hunter, we liaise with the outfitters, dip/pack taxidermists and shippers before, during and after the hunt to proactively simplify the export process as follows:

  • Customs validation of legal name and address for all hunting and export permit applications
  • Validation of trophies collected after the hunt
  • Apply for any required FWS import permits
  • Review of export permits
  • Provide consolidated shipping options
  • Collect all outstanding invoice amounts at time of export (see RWI paperwork for details)

Back End Process

On behalf of the hunter, we receive the shipment at any of the FWS ports of arrival and proactively process the clearances through Agriculture, USFW and Customs. Our team, consisting of one or more licensed customs brokers, works with the inspectors to facilitate their individual processes in order to minimize excess time that contributes to bonded warehouse storage charges. We can't control the government agencies but we do engage them as part of our team to deliver timely releases.

Once the shipments are released, we manifest the shipment with a local trucker for the expedient delivery of your trophies to their final destination.

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